Electronic Computer Center

 The computer Center has been inaugurated since the establishment  of the Technical Institute Nineveh and has undergone continuous development stages during successive periods of time and has provided many services to the Technical Education Authority,the Institute ,various government departments and civil society institutions and development courses in the field of operation installation and maintenance of computers .moreover,it contains the services, management applications and different applications,the center currenty contains contains computer labs especially for teaching and  training students the center includes computer for the lessons of the calculator and its various applications as well as for the lessons that need programs of design ,engineering drawing and use of the internet ,the center strives to make its laboratories keep pace with the development in the word by improving performance and developing the capabilities of its employees .the laboratories are under the supervision and management of specialized technical staff and schools with high experience and maintenance of all computers in the institute .the center seeks to develop computers and accessories to serve the scientific academic and administrative career in the institute.

  Heed of the computer center: Harith Ghanem Ayoub

 Master of Electronic Electronic Engineering and communications –computer networks