Media Division

The Media Division aims to enhance the image of the Northan Technical University and its various formations to the internal and external audiences and provide the various media with news about the activities of the institute.

Majer duties

1- sending press activities investigations and other cultural and creative products to the staff of our institute to the media                  department at the university

2- Accompany delegations to the institute by introducing them to the objectives work and achievements of the institute

3- Documentation of business activities ,news and all that is issued or received to the media division of the institute

4- Active participation in the events and central activities of the Northern Technical University as acelebration of founding of             the University and the institute as well as conferences ,seminars and student activities

5- Working as a spokesman for our institute with the various media.

6 – Comprehensive coverage of all activities related to the formation of the Northen Technical on the official face book page of         the institute.