Finance and Banking

About the Department

Our program in the finance and banking specialization helps students to acquire the knowledge of financial management, advanced skills in assessing financial risks and rewards, so that you can direct organizations in ways that optimize their value and enhances their skills and business acumen. Students will study courses in areas like portfolio management, financial markets, decision making and learn to apply financial practices to real decisions. Banking & Financial degree program at NTI, aims at enabling the students to deeply understand the Banking operating system and the concepts of Finance through participation in class discussions and activities.

Program Objectives

The primary objective of the Department of  Finance and Banking  is to offer state of the art and hands-on, practically oriented education in this area which will prepare students for the necessities of the sector in the country and internationally. Providing a superior quality education will also benefit all the stake holders with research and social services.

Undergraduate Curriculum: Program Learning Outcomes

In the first year of the program, students are provided with the fundamental theoretical concepts which are necessary to understand and dissect current banking and finance issues.  While entering the world of international banking and finance, students will be given a plentiful of real-life examples from the everchaning world of banking and finance, all in order to light up their career-oriented thinking and passion for this program.

In the second year of the program, the Department equips students with the relevant analytical and practical knowledge of banking and finance theories and concepts.  Students will experience more in-house lectures by the industry professionals as well as the off-site visits, all in order to keep student better prepared for what is inherently coming and that is employment.  Students will be actively engaged into the practical work via internships where they will have a chance to professionally meet some of the industry giants for the first time.

Graduate Profile

Department of Banking and Finance graduates take the finance and banking  specialist title. They can work for ublic and private sectors such as: banks, insurance companies, investment banks, leasing, factoring and auditing firms, governmental regulatory and supervisory institutions, and other public and private sector firms’ finance departments.