Tourism & Hotel Management

About the department

Our Tourism and Hotel Management Program is designed to teach its students the basic principles of the sector and provide them with the up to date practical use of the theoretical material.

Program Objectives

The Tourism and Hotel Management Program aims to graduate students who meet the needs of the sector by providing them with a high level of theoretical knowledge, analytical skills, information technologies and vocational training in tourism. Graduates of the program are able to follow conceptual, theoretical and legal developments in tourism and related fields; display expertise in different labor positions in tourism industry and develop analytical solutions for the problems.

Curriculum and Program Learning Outcomes

The Department of Tourism and Hotel Management aims to train qualified individuals who have sectoral experience and intellectual knowledge, competent in analyzing and interpreting economic and political global agenda and think prospectively, as required by both the ever-growing tourism industry, and public and educational institutions.

We created our syllabus by reviewing the tourism syllabuses of leading international universities and taking sectoral needs into consideration. Our students have opportunities to analyze the sector and blend theoretical and practical knowledge through their projects during training. They also take the opportunity to work in local tourism enterprises during their vocational application periods, and prepare themselves for their life after graduation in the best way.

Graduate Profile

Graduates of the Program in Tourism and Hotel Management are employed in hospitality services in the tourism sector.